My Learning Journey

A detailed timeline that shows how I got started in programming and how I got better in it.

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    JUN 2019

    Started Learning about the internet and how it works and took an online HTML/CSS Course

    AUG 2019

    Started learning JavaScript syntax and general programming concepts

    NOV 2019

    Participated in multiple Frontend Dev and JavaScript challenges

    JAN 2020

    Took an online JS Course on udemy to learn how it works behind the scenes (Runtime, Engine, Conccurrency)

    APR 2020

    Learned how to use SASS, TailwindCSS, and MaterialUI

    JUN 2020

    Started learning ReactJS

    AUG 2020

    Built the first SPA using ReactJS, MaterialUI, and Axios

    OCT 2020

    Used NextJS for the first time and fell in love with it ^_^

    DEC 2020

    Found out about how can animations make a difference in my website, and started using Framer-Motion along with NextJS

    JAN 2020

    I decided to take a Node.js course

    MAR 2020

    Built my first MERN Stack App using Node.js, Mongoose, ReactJS, JWT, and GraphQL

    APR 2020

    Started learning more about how OS really works (System Calls, Process Management, Interprocess communication, etc.)

    JUL 2020

    Stated learning about software design principles

    JAN 2021

    Learned how to use ExpressJS